Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning brings over 25 years of experience to the political arena. Strategic Planning's President, Michael (Mike D.) Dawidziak has served personally as a consultant to George Bush's 1988 and 1992 Presidential Campaigns, The Republican National Committee, and many other campaigns for all levels of elected office. Strategic Planning, as a company, has served as a vendor on numerous races for President, Governor, U. S. Senate, U. S. Congress, State Houses and all levels of Government in all 50 states.

Strategic Planning specializes in all aspects of direct voter contact. Utilizing the power of the computer, we have expertise and experience to develop the resources and provide the services for all of your grass roots public opinion needs. We can develop the target audience and provide the services to reach them. Our quality services include mailing products such as labels and letters, telemarketing products such as calling sheets and magnetic media and personal contact products such as walk books.


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